The Scottish Trauma Audit Group

Hospitals in Scotland contributing to STAG

Hospitals in Scotland contributing to STAG

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What is STAG?

STAG is one of the national audits within Scottish Healthcare Audits (SHA) at Information Services Division (ISD) which is part of NHS NSS (National Services Scotland).

STAG central team staff at ISD manages and administers all aspects of the audit including advice and support to each site on the use of STAG data and the supervision and education of local audit coordinators employed by each participating hospital.

SHA also hold and maintain several Scottish national audits covering a variety of areas of clinical priority, further details of these can be found here.

Current Programme of Work

STAG recommenced an audit of the management of trauma patients in Scotland in January 2011.

Major trauma describes serious and often multiple injuries where there is a strong possibility of death or disability. It is the most common cause of death in young people in the UK. Road traffic incidents, falls, sporting injuries, occupational hazards and violence can all result in major trauma.

Each year in Scotland around 5000 people are seriously injured, with around 800 cases being defined as ‘major trauma’ (injury severity score>15). Some patients who suffer a moderate trauma injury are also at risk of death and disability, for example, the elderly or very young may be more likely to die from a more moderate injury than a young adult.

Future Developments

Plans for the development of regional trauma network were announced in April 2014 by the Cabinet Secretary for Health, for details click here.

STAG has local audit co-ordinators in all major Emergency Departments in Scotland and so is well placed to support these developments. Our organisational structure enables us to undertake high quality, clinical audit and provides a useful national clinical audit model to enable this process to occur in a standardised, reliable manner.

The STAG steering group and ISD are working together to enhance the audit to encompass these changes.